TraCI4Matlab is an API (Application Programming Interface) developed in Matlab that allows the communication between any application developed in this language and the urban traffic simulator SUMO (Simulation of Urban Mobility). The functions that comprise TraCI4Matlab implement the TraCI (Traffic Control Interface) application level protocol, which is built on top of the TCP/IP stack, so the application developed in Matlab, which is the client, can access and modify the simulation environment provided by the server (SUMO). TraCI4Matlab allows controlling SUMO objects such as vehicles, traffic lights, junctions, etc, enabling applications like traffic lights predictive control and dynamic route assignment, among others.

TraCI4Matlab was released on 24th December 2014 under the BSD license. TraCI4Matlab is free software and is available at MatlabCentral, or as part of the SUMO contributed tools since version 0.20.0.

Captura de pantalla de TraCI4Matlab

TraCI4Matlab screenshot