Stage 2


In front of the panorama that the city currently lives in it is necessary to characterize each of the elements involved in vehicular traffic. In addition to integrate a mathematical model to obtain an approximation of the current dynamic of the system. The development of this projects aims to solve traffic mobility problems within the city of Medellin, decreasing the time user spend on the roads. To achieve this objective, it is necessary to address the problem of traffic from a multimodal point of view, in other words understanding how as a system the intersections/junctions can intersect vehicles, motorcycles, BRT, pedestrians, and in some cases bicycles by coordinating different types of traffic lights (isolated, single-mode, and multimode). Such coordination is based on solving optimization problems whose communication can be a hierarchical or a distributed type.


General Objective

Develop, validate, and simulate models of urban traffic that describe the interaction between the different actors involved in vehicular traffic (pedestrians, and vehicles)

Specific Objectives

  1. Develop tools that permits the simulation of multiple machines in a matter in which is parallel and interconnected to complex networks
  2. Refine the multi-objective criteria including traffic management (reducing emissions, waiting time, maximizing the mobility of vehicles
  3. Integrate models of various modes of transport of a single simulation platform
  4. Validate and refine the proposed models (pedestrians, bicycles, and BRT)