Extensions for Network Editor for SUMO (NES)

Network Editor for SUMO (NES) is a graphical network editor for the Simulation Urban MObility (SUMO) microsimulator, developed by Martín Llavallol at SourceForge as an open-source software, under the GNU license. The main features of NES include:

  • Visualizing SUMO networks: NES allows to visualize the main objects of a SUMO network: edges, lanes, connections and nodes including their geometries. Each element can be selected to visualize its properties.
  • Editing options. Some editing functions include the modification of the shapes of junctions, lanes and edges. In addition, one can modify the properties of the elements through the “Edit View” option.

In the MOYCOT project, NES was extended for including three additional functionalities: Importing networks from Open Street Maps (OSM) using a graphical wizard, building traffic lights and editing connections between edges. Thus, the functionalities of NES were complimented for improving the process for setting up simulation scenarios in SUMO.

NES, along with the aforementioned extensions, can be obtained from its Subversion repository, where one can find both the source code (“src” directory) and the binaries for the end user in Windows (“bin” directory).

Network Editor for SUMO

Network Editor for SUMO